Indoor Storage

Indoor units come in sizes ranging from 5 X 10 to 12 X 30.  Larger units have a door height of 8 feet and width of 9 feet.  The inside slopes to a height of 15 feet.  These multi-purpose units can be used for a wide variety of items, including:

  • Household Goods
  • Business inventory & equipment
  • Vending and hobby supplies
  • Vehicles, boats, ATVs
  • Seasonal items
  • Furniture and appliances during renovations
  • Units with Electric service are available

Outdoor Storage

Our outdoor storage spaces range in size from 10 X 22 to 12 x 40.  We can also store longer vehicles when requested.  These spaces are perfect for storing the following:

  • Small or large vehicles
  • Open and closed trailers
  • RVs and Motor Homes
  • Boats
License and title required for outdoor storage.

Areas Served

Mossville, Chillicothe, Dunlap, Peoria, Peoria Heights and the surrounding area. 


We provide, with deposit, an Abus round lock with two keys.  Abus is one of the most trusted locks in the industry.  They are impossible to remove from a unit latch with a bolt cutter. 

We also have onsite housing, providing additional visual security to the facility.