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Do You Need Self Storage?

Trouble finding the right self storage? Wanting to find a location with plenty of space and for a decent price? While it isn’t always easy finding a storage facility that meets all your needs, Olde Galena Storage might be your best option. We offer self storage in Mossville IL at a central location that’s plenty secure, has a variety of size options and for an excellent price.

We understand how storage is supposed to work after being over 30 years in the industry. From established renters to temporary spots, Olde Galena Storage serves all kinds. Our indoor and outdoor storage is excellent for keeping your furniture, equipment, recreation vehicles, office supplies and more.

Who Uses a Storage Facility?

There’s no “one kind of person” that utilizes a storage facility. We use our units for any situation and all types of people. No matter where you are in life, we have space for you!

  • Homeowners – Looking to make a move but need somewhere to hold onto your belongings? Or maybe you’re just out of space in your own house? Either way, a storage unit is for you.
  • College Students – Now that the semester has concluded, are you going to lug everything from your dorm room home? If coming back next school year, keep your possessions close by.
  • Vacationers – When the warm season closes, where can you put your RVs, boats, four-wheelers and other seasonal vehicles? Try outdoor parking at a storage facility.
  • Business Owners – If running your own business, it’s essential to keep your store or workplace neat and organized. For a space to put everything you need for work, rent self-storage.
  • Car Enthusiasts – It isn’t easy to collect cars when you don’t have space for it! By renting a storage unit, you have a place to store your collection and can take any out when you need them.
  • Hoarders – While we certainly don’t advise hoarding your belongings, we understand it can be hard to part with possessions. For those that are in the way place them in storage.
A facility with Self Storage in Mossville IL
A Safe Place for Your Valuables

One of the primary concerns of any self storage in Mossville IL and beyond is security. If you store your valuables in one of Olde Galena’s units, will it stay safe? The answer to that question is yes! Every unit was built sturdy and tight, and each is locked with an Abus round lock, making it impossible to break into. Also, there is constant surveillance by our vigilant staff and on-site management. Beyond security, we also offer:

  • Units of Varying Sizes
  • Convenient Price Rates
  • Units with Easy Access
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Storage Indoor and Outdoor
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Settle on the best self-storage in Mossville IL when you decide to keep your belongings with Olde Galena Storage. Contact us today at 309-270-6352. Also, we are located at 11717 State Street, Chillicothe, IL 61523.